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How to Increase Jio Internet Speed - Increase your speed with these 4 ways! 2019

When Jio SIM came in the market, most of the people bought SIM more because of their 4G speed, but today many people are upset with the speed of Jio Sim. This is the problem with regard to the speed of each person, how to increase the Internet speed, so if you also want to increase the internet speed of your website, then we are going to tell you in our post.
How to Increase Jio Internet Speed - Increase your speed with these 4 ways! 2019 modmafias.com
How to Increase Jio Internet Speed - Increase your speed with these 4 ways! 2019

Jio SIM has been launched in a very long time from the market and since its launch, the demand for all the other SIM companies has decreased considerably since it is providing very cheap plans to its users. But there are many people who are coming to the Jio Speed ​​Issue, those people say their Jio Speed ​​Slow is going on.

Therefore, keeping in mind the problem of those people, we are going to tell today that the method of Jio speed is very easy, then let's know about them.

How to extend Jio Internet Speed

By the way, there are many ways to increase the internet speed of Jio Phone, but we will tell you an easy way to speed up the Internet, so that you can increase the speed of your mobile speed, let's know how to increase the speed of the space.

  • By Sim Slot Change

You can also increase the speed of Jio Internet by changing the Slot of your mobile, Jio Slow Speed ​​can be switched to Fast Speed ​​by putting Jio SIM in the first slot of your mobile.

Change Jio APN Setting

First of all you have to go to the settings of your mobile then go to the mobile network then access point and then the new APN. Now you should follow the tips given below and set the same Jio Internet setting in your mobile.

Apn TypeDefault
ProxyNot Set
PortNot Set
UsernameNot Set
PasswordNot Set
Serverwww.google .com
MMS ProxyNot Set
MMS PortNot Set
MNC857 or 863 or 874
Authentication Type Not Set
Apn ProtocolIpv4 / Ipv6

Virus Scanner App

Nowadays there are so many files in the Mobiles due to which many viruses come in, due to which there is an impact on the speed of your mobile, which also reduces the internet speed of Xiao Sim or Xiao phone, we (Virus Scanner) With the help of an enlarging app, you can overcome this problem, you will have to download Virus Scanner in your mobile by downloading it and download it now.

Now you open this App Open and with this help remove all the Virus from your mobile, now you have your Jio 4G Net On. This will increase the speed of your mobile, so that you will not have a problem with Slow Net and with this help you will be able to install, Updating, Downloading and will not take much time and speed of your mobile Jio Internet will also increase.

Change Browser

You can also try the Geo Speed ​​Test by changing your mobile browser and using some Google Chrome browser, due to which your live Internet connection runs slowly, you can use UC Browser, so that you can use Jio of your mobile Increase the speed and easily run the Internet.

Now you can turn on your mobile internet and see the speed of your mobile will increase. You can use the JaiGrow Speed ​​of your mobile by using any of these methods.


One of the 3 ways mentioned above in Jio Net's Speed ​​Growth in your phone will definitely work. With the help of these methods, you can increase the live data speed in your mobile if the way to increase speed in your phone works Tell it to your friends so that they can increase their Jio internet speed.

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